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Two position battles to watch tonight September 4, 2009

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       Saturday at 5, the Redskins will have to submit their 53 man roster to the league. The two position battles that I think are worth watching tonight are kicker (Dave Rayner vs. Shaun Suisham) and 3rd string QB (Colt Brennan vs. Chase Daniel). In both instances, the incumbent could lose to the upstart. For Suisham, it comes down to consistency. He simply has been to consistenly inconsistent. So for the sake of “change”, special teams coach Danny Smith may opt for Rayner.

      Brennan’s fall is a different story. Remember, last year some fans wanted him to challenge for the STARTING position. Whether it’s the curse of Jessica Simpson or something else, “Cult” has not only failed to challenge Jason Campbell, but is now fighting to make the roster, period. Tonight will tell us a lot about whether he stays or goes.

       Stay tuned to Redskins Fan 2009 for more updates on these two situations.


Marko Mitchell: Lock for 53? September 3, 2009

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Marko Mitchell


               I’m back from vacation and ready to go for the regular season. Since my last post, it seems that Marko Mitchell has madequite an impression with Redskins coaches, players, and fans. So much so that it is hard to imagine Mitchell being left off the 53 man roster when final cuts are made on Saturday. The 6 foot, 4 inch, Mitchell has so far had 2 touchdowns, 5 receptions, and 61 yards in just 3 preseason games. Against the Patriots last week, he caught 2 balls for 40 yards. Perhaps most importantly, he provided great downfield blocking in the second quarter on Chris Cooley’s 73 yard reception. Without Mitchell’s blocking, Cooley wouldn’t have gained 73 yards. Mitchell’s best catch came on a 33 yard catch from Colt Brennan (who is hardly a lock to make this team but more on that later). He ran a fade route and made a nice adjustment on the ball. Mitchell plays on special teams as well, in punt and kick coverage. Mitchell has been the suprise of the preseason. Whether this production continues into the regular season remains to be seen. However, it is very difficult to imagine Mitchell not making the team.


Fred the Engima August 21, 2009

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Fred Davis


               Fred Davis was drafted in 2008 with one of the Redskins three second round picks. Since then, he has been high on potential, short on actual production. The Redskins need Davis on the field, so Jim Zorn can use a two tight end set in the West Coast offense. They also need Davis to not sleep in because his alarm clock malfunctions (last year), and to not fumble twice when he actually gets into games (last preseason game). Davis is 6-4, 257 lb’s and Stan Hixon (wide receiver coach) is hoping he can be a threat down the field. He can also pass protect and theoretically, open up the field more for Chris Cooley. Fred reportedly had a great minicamp and has looked great in preseason practice. Now the question is, will he be ready to produce on the only day that really counts: Sundays?


Stats from yesterday’s scrimmage August 15, 2009

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Link to Jim Zorn’s press conference and more articles

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The Redskins official website has an excellent take on yesterday’s game:

As well as a link to Jim Zorn’s press conference:

Finally, the Washington Post offers a perspective on yesterdays game, which I completely disagree with. But it’s worth reading anyway.


Big Fat Doughnut Hole: Ravens 23, Skins- 0

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          Normally, I’m not one who gives much meaning to a preseason game. Like most of you, I don’t care who wins or loses a meaningless game. The Lions went 4-0 in preseason last year. They didn’t win a single game when it mattered. So the spin coming from the Redskins players that “it’s only preseason”, is understandable in one sense. But it’s not the score we should be worried about. It’s the effort. Jim Zorn says in his news conference that he is upset at the players effort and I think he’s right.


          This team sucked yesterday. The defense gave up 500 yards. The offense? With all due respect to the Washington Post, exactly what game were they watching? This is an offense that scored ZERO points!!! What about this offense causes players and apparently, beat writers, such comfort? They had to punt 9 times. They had 2 turnovers. They were 1 for 11 on third downs. They had 6 freaking penalties for 38 yards. Oh, and for those of you who have such a hard on for Jessica Simpson’s boyfriend (more on that in a future post), “Cult Brennan”, he threw 1 interception against the Ravens 2nd team defense. Fred Davis? 2 fumbles. Look at the bright side. At least Hunter “the Punter” Smith got in some good practice.


          Usually, preseason is not an accurate predictor for how a team will do in the regular season. However, for the Redskins in the last 2-3 years, bad preseasons are an ominous sign.  Next up for the Redskins? A home game against the Steelers, followed by another home game against the Patriots. Grab a Snickers, fans. We could be here a while.


Portis out for Preseason Opener vs. Ravens August 12, 2009

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       Jim Zorn announced this afternoon that Clinton Portis and Albert Haynesworth will be held out of the preseason opener this Thursday. While the Haynesoworth decision is understandable, what with his knee issues and all, the Portis decision is suprising. Zorn said Portis is not being held out for injury issues. We have been down this road with Portis before. Is it asking too much for Portis to play a few series? Jason Campbell has said many times how important it is for all the starters to be on the field together. This helps the offense with continuity and reps. Unfortunately, the owners favorite “son” doesn’t field the preseason is all that important. Maybe he’s right. Still, it would be nice to see Portis held to the same standard as everyone else.


         In other injury notes, Randy Thomas will not play either, due to his knee issues. Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas will play. Expect a lot of Colt Brennan and Chase Daniel as well.