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Another Bailout: “They Are Who We Thought They Were” September 28, 2009

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          We here in Washington sure love to bail out Detroit, don’t we? Let this sink in. We lost to the LIONS!!!! As in, the same team that went 0-16 last year and started this year, 0-2. A loss like this is not just an embarassment for this years team. It’s an indictment of the whole Redskins franchise under Dan Snyder’s tenure as owner. For that matter, the franchise since Joe Gibbs left the first time.

          In terms of the Redskins franchise since Gibbs 1.0 left in March 1993, Dennis Green once said it best. “They are who we thought they were”.  What, you expected different? It is often been said about the NFL that the great organizations do more “little things” right, more often. Our Redskins (and yes, I say “we” because I live in the Washington area)? Clearly, we screw up more little things than any other franchise, except maybe the Raiders.

          It starts at the top with Napoleon with the belt buckle. We pick the wrong players and then insist on paying them 3-4 times what they are worth. Oh, we also insist on a good portion of their contract being guaranteed. That way, we can see them grow old and useless in person. We keep the wrong guys on the roster for nostalgic reasons. We get rid of the right guys (Ryan Clark, Antonio Pierce, Brian Mitchell) so we can have room to sign the wrong guys. We kiss our overpaid star’s ass, pamper them, then blame the coach, and wonder why we aren’t motivated for teams we should destroy (Bengals last year, Lions this year”).  We have a backup linebacker rip our fans- who are some of the most loyal fans in the NFL- via Twitter and nothing happens to him. If this was the Steelers? His ass would have been out of there so fast, he wouldn’t have had enough time to clean out his locker. Our f’ing fullback bitches about getting more money and Danny openly obliges. When is the last time a FULLBACK got guaranteed money? That’s like giving a utility infielder guaranteed cash.

          But hey, what do the Steelers know? They’ve only won 2 out of the last 4 Super Bowls, and 6 total.  However, there is great news for all of the fans. At least the parking situation at FedEx field is well organized. Oh wait. No, it isn’t. It’s more like being stuck on the Beltway at 6:00 on a Friday.

       Think about this for a second. The Lions didn’t just win in a close game, no matter what the final score says. They kicked our ass. If it weren’t for a few plays, this would be a blowout. The Moss TD was pure broken coverage. Campbell had back to back passes that should have been picks but were dropped. Stafford missed a wide open receiver at one point. Campbell botched another snap. Did we get screwed on some calls? Sure, we did. But only bad teams need help from the refs to beat the Lions.

          Here is what too many Redskins fans seem afraid to acknowledge: we just aren’t very good. The 2nd round triplets haven’t done jack. True, no one throws to them, but you know what? It’s their responsibility to get open and they haven’t done enough of that. Portis is done, at least as a Pro Bowl caliber back. Campbell’s ok, but to me, he’s a backup QB in this league, a la Patrick Ramsey. The D-line isn’t anything special, besides Haynesworth. Even he is only on the field for half the plays when healthy and it looks like he is injured.

          This organization sucks. We are a mediocre franchise, lead by an owner who’s a great businessman but a terrible football man. We can either admit this to ourselves, or we can go crazy trying to deny it.


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