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10 Thoughts on Yesterday’s Game September 15, 2009

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Here are 10 thoughts on yesterday’s game:

1.     Paging 2008 draft picks Malcolm Kelly, Devin Thomas, and Fred Davis. They combined for 1 catch for 6 yards. Season’s started.

2.     London Fletcher is a man child. He had 18 tackles. Showed why he is one of the most underappreciated players in this league.

3.     Albert Hayneworth is a factor when he plays. Problem is that he doesn’t play every down. Clearly he is not in shape yet.

4.    DeAngelo Hall said it best after the game. ” I feel like a guy who couldn’t make a play to save my life”. Well said. He only got burned at least 3 times in the first half alone, on significant 3rd down plays. Though he did have an interception, it was overall a terrible day for Hall.

5.    Santana Moss is lucky he wasn’t thrown out of the game for the fight against Corey Webster. Expect him to see a big fine this week.

6.    While Antwann Randle El did prove to be a good target (7 catches, 98 yards), he also had that 11 yard sack in the first quarter. He should have thrown that ball to the sidelines when it was clear everyone was covered.

7.    This team doesn’t have nearly enough discipline. Too many penalties, too many missed tackles. Is this a function of Zorn’s laid back approach?

8.     The defense couldn’t get off the field when it mattered most. For all the talk about this defense being so good (# 4 in the league in points), the fact is that it doesn’t make enough big plays (sacks or interceptions). It also has a tendency to give up long drives, especially in the fourth quarter.

9.     Jason Campbell never looked like he was comfortable yesterday. His stats don’t look too bad (19 for 26). But those stats are misleading. The fumble that Umenyiora picked up? Unacceptable.     

10.  The punt return game is mediocre. Randle El isn’t getting it done. How about putting in Marcus Mason?


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