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Two position battles to watch tonight September 4, 2009

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       Saturday at 5, the Redskins will have to submit their 53 man roster to the league. The two position battles that I think are worth watching tonight are kicker (Dave Rayner vs. Shaun Suisham) and 3rd string QB (Colt Brennan vs. Chase Daniel). In both instances, the incumbent could lose to the upstart. For Suisham, it comes down to consistency. He simply has been to consistenly inconsistent. So for the sake of “change”, special teams coach Danny Smith may opt for Rayner.

      Brennan’s fall is a different story. Remember, last year some fans wanted him to challenge for the STARTING position. Whether it’s the curse of Jessica Simpson or something else, “Cult” has not only failed to challenge Jason Campbell, but is now fighting to make the roster, period. Tonight will tell us a lot about whether he stays or goes.

       Stay tuned to Redskins Fan 2009 for more updates on these two situations.


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