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Fred the Engima August 21, 2009

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Fred Davis


               Fred Davis was drafted in 2008 with one of the Redskins three second round picks. Since then, he has been high on potential, short on actual production. The Redskins need Davis on the field, so Jim Zorn can use a two tight end set in the West Coast offense. They also need Davis to not sleep in because his alarm clock malfunctions (last year), and to not fumble twice when he actually gets into games (last preseason game). Davis is 6-4, 257 lb’s and Stan Hixon (wide receiver coach) is hoping he can be a threat down the field. He can also pass protect and theoretically, open up the field more for Chris Cooley. Fred reportedly had a great minicamp and has looked great in preseason practice. Now the question is, will he be ready to produce on the only day that really counts: Sundays?


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