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Portis out for Preseason Opener vs. Ravens August 12, 2009

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       Jim Zorn announced this afternoon that Clinton Portis and Albert Haynesworth will be held out of the preseason opener this Thursday. While the Haynesoworth decision is understandable, what with his knee issues and all, the Portis decision is suprising. Zorn said Portis is not being held out for injury issues. We have been down this road with Portis before. Is it asking too much for Portis to play a few series? Jason Campbell has said many times how important it is for all the starters to be on the field together. This helps the offense with continuity and reps. Unfortunately, the owners favorite “son” doesn’t field the preseason is all that important. Maybe he’s right. Still, it would be nice to see Portis held to the same standard as everyone else.


         In other injury notes, Randy Thomas will not play either, due to his knee issues. Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas will play. Expect a lot of Colt Brennan and Chase Daniel as well.


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