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Orakpo Signed, Will Be In Camp Friday July 31, 2009

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Brian Orakpo


     Hold of all that talk about an extended holdout. Brian Orakpo and the front office have reached an agreement. As a result, he will be in camp tomorrow. This is one guy the Redskins cannot afford to have miss two a days. In addition to the practices, camp also consists of film sessions, position meetings, team meals, and studying the playbook. While veterans may be able to get away with missing a few days, it is crucial that rookies be there for everything.

    I am really excited about what Orakpo can do for the defense. Keep in mind that he was one of the best defensive ends in college football last year. He was a first team All-American. He won Big 12 defensive player of the year, in what was probably the second best conference in the country (behind the SEC, of course). Orakpo won the Nagurski trophy (top defensive player), the Lombardi trophy (top defensive lineman), and the Hendricks award, which goes to the best defensive end. He had 23 sacks in his career. Last year alone, he had 11. Also, keep in mind that he can play both defensive end spots and strong side linebacker.

     While Orakpo is signed, the Redskins haven’t made any announcement about whether he will actually practice tomorrow. It’s possible he’ll start on Saturday. Either way, this is huge for the Redskins. Zorn may have “stayed even” about this whole situation. But Greg Blache didn’t. He did not mince words and made it clear that he wanted him in camp.

     What remains to be seen is where Orakpo will play. Will he be a strong side linebacker or a defensive end?


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