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Greg Blache to Orakpo: Get in Camp ASAP or Else July 31, 2009

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     As mentioned in the previous post and several other Redskins blogs, defensive coordinator Greg Blache is not a man to mince words when he is mad at someone. In this case, that “someone” is Brian Orakpo. Orakpo has reached a deal with the Redskins and will be in camp (see previous post). Yet it’s still worth reading Coach Blache’s “advice” to the teams first round, 13th overall pick last April. Courtesy of the Washington Post, I have included some quotes from a Blache interview.

“Any time a guy’s missing practice, somebody’s taking his reps,” said Blache, who directed the league’s No. 4 overall defense last season. “Somebody else is getting better, he’s not getting better [and] we’re not getting better as a team. When a guy holds out, it doesn’t help him; it doesn’t help the football team. The only person it benefits is the agent, so he can recruit people next year. What they’re fighting about right now [in contract talks], Orakpo couldn’t explain it to you in 20 years probably.

“He’s a very intelligent person, but it’s minute things. That’s our business. Those things happen. Guys that aren’t here, we don’t worry about. When he comes then we worry about him. In the meantime, he’s got to make decisions, [and] they [Orakpo and his agents] have to make decision. But you know what? We’ve got to make decisions. We’re moving forward.”

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……….”I’m a rookie out of college, playing a new position, and I’m missing those reps?” Blache said. “I’m not getting those opportunities? I wouldn’t want to do that.”

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………..”We saw some of it in the OTAs, but I just think it’s something he hasn’t done a lot of,” Blache said. “He needs all the work he can do at it.”


Memo to Brian Orako: You’re officially in the dog house, son. That being said, this guy is one helluva talent and if he can rush the passer come September 13 against the Giants, all will be forgiven in Redskins land.


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